About Us


1. Strenci Psychoneurological hospital State ltd. is a specialized treatment facility located in Vidzeme region of Latvia. Highly qualified and experienced personnel is our hospital`s most valuable asset ensuring high level treatment, care and rehabilitation for patients. Strenci Psychoneurological hospital is operating under direct subordination of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia. Hospital`s structural unit – Long-term social care unit is under direct subordination of Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia.

2. There are 335 beds in hospital; 8 units; one long term social care unit (30 beds). The hospital provides state-funded medical services in outpatient, inpatient, emergency, acute and planned help range; Hospital is also offering secondary health care services that are not covered from state budget, but are necessary for patient’s treatment.

3. Quality is our priority – we have Quality system that is certified accordingly to ISO9001 since 2013. Since 2016 re-certified accordingly to ISO9001:2015.

4. Hospital was establishes in 1907 and is operating for more than a century.