Inpatient Treatment

Strenci psychoneurological hospital provides:

  • Psychiatric treatment for adults
  • Psychiatric treatment for adults with tuberculosis
  • Court appointed involuntary treatment for adults
  • Social care and rehabilitation for persons with mental ilness

There are 335 beds, divided in several profiled units:

  • Acute female and male units
  • Psychiatric rehabilitation unit (general psychiatry)
  • Psycho-tuberculosis unit (TB)
  • Geriatric female and male units
  • Psychiatric male unit (inlc. involuntary treatment)
  • Long term social care unit (30 places)

*** inpatient treatments are state funded from state budget and patients are categorised as exempted from patient`s payments.

Outpatient Treatment

Strenci Psychoneurological hospital provides:

  • Psychiatrist, child psychiatrist consultations, treatment
  • Narcology consultations, treatment
  • X-ray
  • Psychiatric and psychological forensic expertise

*** services are provided based on agreement with National Health Agency

Other services/treatments

  • Inpatient alcohol detox
  • Psychologist consultations
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Outpatient specialist consultations
  • Manipulations in Admission’s unit
  • Social worked services
  • Mental health check (for gun permit, drivers licence)

*** accordingly to paid-service payment pricelist


EXPLORE OUR HOSPITAL – Units and park 

  • Admission Unit and Administration